Dovetail Joints

lie careful in tapping dovetail joints apart. You do not want to break any of the "fingers" of the joint. Tap with a rubber mallet against one joined part (a drawer side, for example) so that it comes straight out and is not twisted or turned as it is freed.

Chair buttons or other wood plugs serve more purpose than just decoration Remove them to find the wood screws they conceal.
Hidden Dovetail Joint Sketch
Lapped joints such as these are easy to disassemble. The screws are mosi often countersunk. Remove the plug over the screws and back the screws out. Then break the glue bona
Exploded View Simple Joint
The haunched and mitered comer creales a strong joint Often a tap or two with a rubber mallet is enough to finish breaking the giue bond Then pull the rail from the leg
Wood Part For Fixing Chairs
soften stubborn glue around dowels, try a mixture of half water and half vinegar

DISASSEMBLING livery type of fumi-VARiOUS TYPES ture piece is differ-OF FURNITURE ent in assembly. Chairs are different from cabinets, dressers from tables, The disassembly process for each type, therefore, is also different. With the general instructions below, you should be able to determine how each piece is assembled and then take it apart. There will he times when this will prove to be impossible. Then you can assume that the joint is so good that there is no need to take it apart. Move on to the next step of disassembly.

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