Decision Time

With the examination completed, you have several decisions to make. First, is it worthwhile to spend time and money restoring the piece? .You now have a good idea of the work involved, and must weigh this against your projected value of the piece. Only you can make the decision, and now is the time to do it. before investing time and energy.

Assuming that you have decided to go ahead, the next decision is whether or not to disassemble the piece. If it is wobbly and loose in all the joints, then you should disassemble it. Old glue may become brittle and lose its holding power. The wood may have dried out and shrunk, causing loose joints. Or. so many parts may have to be repaired or replaced that disassembly will make the job easier.

Sometimes you find yourself with a mixed situation: some very loose joints and some tight ones. The tight ones will probably become loose in a year or so. Save yourself a later problem and rcglue the whole piece now.

So much for the examination and the diagnosis. Now the surgery begins. In preparation for the operation, you must clean the piece thoroughly.

Before you begin a restoration, browse through your home center You'll find a lot of helpful items, such as these wood carvings

You can use warm water and a detergent to clean furniture, but this is best saved for enameled furniture.


Old furniture has layers of wax. grit and grime, and the first step in restoring it is to clean the finish blllMVlHfU'k LIQUID PA»Tt

HOW TO CLEAN The air in your WAX AND DIRT home is full of FROM YOUR pollutants, such

FURNITURE as smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipes, grease in the air from the kitchen and dust. All of this attaches itself to furniture over a long period. You apply polish to furniture. People touch chair arms and the oil from their skin rubs off. These oils mix with the air pollutants, and the result is a film that slowly covers the exposed wood parts. The process is a gradual one that isn't readily noticeable. You tend to forget the original color of the wood, and fail to see the darkening as it takes place.

This film may become much thicker if

Old furniture has layers of wax. grit and grime, and the first step in restoring it is to clean the finish

Which cleaner you use depends on how bad the grime is Use a product designed to remove wax. not the kind that actually is a polish.

on your preferences, and in pan on the furniture itself.

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