Cleaning the Holes

There is one very important step in getting an old chair ready for recaning: checking the cane holes. Often, wax, dirt and finishing material accumulate in the holes, making them smaller in diameter. Since each hole will have to accommodate half a dozen or more strands of cane, small holes can become a problem. The easiest way to clean the holes is to fit a drill bit of the exact size of the holes into your elcctric drill and run the drill down into each hole. One pass will clean a hole completely, and cleaning all the holes on any chair takes only a few minutes.

The cane will be woven while it is wet, so the wood of the chair or other piece also will get wet during caning. We recommend that any piece to be caned be finished in polyurethane vamish, tung oil, or other finish thai isn't readily affected by water. Lacquer and shellac tend to absorb water and turn white.

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