Choosing the Application Method

Lacquers on the furniture you buy were sprayed on, and the materia! was made specifically for sprayingT Such spraying requires top-quality commercial spraying equipment, a spray booth, and a good know ledge of how to use the spray gun to

When applying a spray lacquer, move the can As you spray, keep the spray nozzle al the same distance from the surface and work in a straight continuously. Overlap the rows by one third. line. Otherwise you will have an uneven application that may run or blister get a smooth, even coat. Most of us have neither the equipment nor the capability of getting involved in this kind of an operation.

Spray Lacquers You can buy brushing lacquer, however. (Don't attempt to brush a spraying lacquer. It dries too fast for brushing.) The best-known name in brushing lacquers is Satin lacâ„¢. There arc lacquers sold in spray cans (Rrylon is one brand) but we don't like spraying for several reasons. One is that most people have difficulty in spraying an even coat when using a spray can. It is easy to get runs on vertical surfaces and hard to spray evenly across a horizontal surface. The spray can nozzle isn't nearly as good as a spray gun nozzle in creating a fine, well-directed mist. Another reason is that spraying puts as much lacquer into the air as it puts on the furniture, which creates a serious ventilation problem.

Precautions You must wear a mask when spraying. You must be absolutely ccrtain there is no open flame near you. Remember the automatic water heater and the pilot light on the furnace. These are open llames you might forget, but they can cause fires and fumes. Finally, when you have finished spraying, you will find tiny droplets of lacquer on everything else in the room.

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