Caning Tools

Only very simple tools are needed for caning. You should buy about two dozen hardwood caning pegs when you order your supply of canc. These inexpensive pegs are used to mark the center strands on the work piece and to hold cane in starting holes until you tie ii in place. An awl (we use a regular ice pick) is used to aid in inserting strands of cane in the holes. You'll need about half a dozen ordinary spring clothespins to hold the cane while it soaks. A bucket for soaking the cane, a standard ccllulose sponge, and a scissors are the only other items you require.

Materials for the job include weaving cane of the proper size, binding cane, and glycerin, which is mixed in the water in which the cane is soaked.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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