Cane Sizes

Canc comes from the rattan palm, which grows in the orient from India to Malaysia. The outer bark of the palm is cut into thin strips that range up to ! 8 feet in length and come in widths of from 'At to Vie inches. The normal hank consists of 1,000 feet of cane, but you can buy 500-foot hanks. Usually, some strands of binding cane, which is cane that is two sizes larger than the weaving cane, are included with each hank. When you shop for cane, identify the wider strands in a hank before you buy it to be sure you have the binding canc you need. One or two long strands of binding cane are needed for each typical chair seat.

The size of the holes in the chair determine the size of the cane you will use. Cane comes in six widths and is generally referred toby name rather than dimension. The widest is called "Common" and the narrowest "Superfine," Look at the accompanying chart for the name of each size, the size of the hole, and the distance hetween holes.

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