Application Methods

There are slight differences from brand to brand in all of the products in each of these three categories, so wc can't give you specifics of application. Read the label of the product you buy and follow the instructions exactly. As always, make a practice run on scrap wood to get the feel of the product before working on your project.

In general, the steps for a wiping stain are:

  • 1) brush it on;
  • 2) allow it to stand for a recommended period;
  • 3) wipe it off;
  • 4) allow it to dry

With water stains, you brush on several applications getting a deeper color each time, until you arrive at the desired shade. With paste and jelly stains, you apply like shoe polish with a pad. and can apply more than one coat if you want deeper tones.

In all cases, the stain must dry completely before you apply the finish coat. Sand lightly to remove any dust or other imperfections, but don't sand so much that you break through the stain to the wood underneath.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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