Advantages of a Doweling

With the aid of a doweling jig, most people can make joints with precision, and end up with a professional-looking joint. We have been making doweled joints for a long time and can tell you that there is really no good substitute for a doweling jig. It makes the job simple and easy. You can use dowel centers and other ways of lining up the dowel holes, but no other method or tool does the task right every time.

The fundamental purpose of the doweling jig is to force you to drill the two needed holes in exactly the right places — precisely opposite each other — so that when you insert the dowels, the joined pieces fit exactly as you wanted them.

To use a dowel jig align the iwo pieces to be doweled. Use a square lo make lines across the positions for the dowels, marking both pieces at once

Clamp one side of the work and fit the dowel jig on it There are a number of good jigs on the market, and each is slightly dilferenl This jig is a Stanley.

You position the drill guide by measurement, so be careful in making these measurements. If your measurements aren't precise, the jig can't help.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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