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Make Money! Join the many individuals and families who are learning to prosper in the salvage and recycling business starting with little or no cash. You'll learn: How to bootstrap your business without going into debt. How to get your salvage for free or for pennies on the dollar. (In some cases you will be paid to take the material away). How to find the best price in the least amount of time. The tools and equipment you will need many easily fabricated. Information based on my experience in salvage, recycle and reuse in the following areas: Construction and building materials. Deconstruction and recycled lumber. Farm and ranch equipment and supplies. Heavy equipment salvaging for high value parts. Scrap metal ferrous and non-ferrous. Electronic, communication, and computer scrap and recycling. Salvage for alternative energy systems. Antiques and collectibles. Promoting and marketing. Always treating everyone with fairness and respect and not profiting from the misfortune of others ways to create win-win situations for All parties involved. How to deal with scrap and recycling dealers and brokers. Innovative businesses you can start using various salvaged materials. How to arrange transportation, interim storage, cheap yard space without dealing with high cost commercial operators. How to be paid for your work before you ever start. How to get the equipment and tools you need. How to stay solvent and operate on a cash basis. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this ebook, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I ordered a copy myself to figure out what all the excitement was about.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Other Eps Recycling Options

Check to see if there are community-wide recycling solutions for smaller generators in your area.The City of Roseville CA, for example, has been operating a community wide program for EPS since fall 2007. Materials can be dropped off at several recycling centers. The city provides containers for pick up from local furniture retailers generating larger amounts of EPS. Arrangements have been made for businesses to drop RT has designed an EPS densifying mechanism using high volume extruder technology EPS scrap is densified into hard ingots going through crusher, heat bands, and extruder. The XT-200 is suitable for smaller to medium sized retailers. The XT-700 unit can process volumes for community recycling or large warehouse operations. The XT-500 is the most popular, used by City Furniture and Eldorado Furniture.


Styrofoam (EPS) is 2-5 petroleum based styrene and 95-98 air. Recycling this bulky product now makes sense for home furnishings retailers. The April 2006 issue of FURNITURE WORLD Magazine provided a comprehensive overview of recycling and trash disposal. This article, posted to the Operations Article Archives on included information on recycling Styrofoam (EPS) used to provide damage protection for merchandise from offshore and domestic manufacturing locations. Recycling EPS now makes sense for furniture retailers. There are a number of processing alternatives that can change its disposal from a big expense to one that can actually generate a payback. This article will provide highlights of several successful approaches. One will surely be viable for your company. the Year, operates ten locations in Southern California. Operations Director Mark Kantor provided insight into a comprehensive program at Linder's that resulted in the recycling of approximately 95 of all...

Applicators For Glue

A special bristle brush is sold for hide glues paint brushes are not suitable as frequent heating destroys the rubber bonding. For rubber based impact glues a tin spreader with serrated edge is supplied by the manufacturers, or teeth can be filed in a piece of waste plastic laminate cellulose thinners will clean off waste glue if applied before the glue sets hard. PVA emulsion glues are frequently supplied in squeezable polythene containers the same type

Particle Boards Chipboards

Particle boards are heavier than most other wood materials (33 to 40 lb per cu. ft or 528.609 to 640.739kgpercu.m according to the density) as the glue content is relatively high moreover they have no long fibres and thus have little bending strength and tend to crumble at the edges if roughly treated. Always provided that these boards are not treated merely as substitutes for solid timber and forced to conform to long-established constructional methods, but regarded as valid materials in their own right, well worthy of new methods and applications, there is no doubt whatever that their use will continue to expand, and indeed they will become the standard material for furniture-making. With their obvious advantages this is almost inevitable, for not only do they make use of what is virtually waste material (forest thinnings, bough wood, etc.) but the very fact that they are man-made materials means that there is always scope for research and development in the production of lighter,...

Electric Chainsaws

The lightweight electric chainsaws which have recently been introduced are a great asset to the furniture-maker. They are invaluable for roughing out large, thick boards to arrive at the sizes that can be manhandled on the normal workshop machinery. They are much safer and more versatile in use than the portable circular saws, although a little more wasteful of wood. Also, for those involved in sculptural work, heavy bowl turning or carving, they are very manageable aids to roughing out and removing waste material.

Trash To Cash

Trash To Cash

This book will surely change your life due to the fact that after reading this book and following through with the steps that are laid out for you in a clear and concise form you will be earning as much as several thousand extra dollars a month,  as you can see by the cover of the book we will be discussing how you can make cash for what is considered trash by many people, these are items that have value to many people that can be sold and help people who need these items most.

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