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The coffee table shown here is constructed from laminated 1x4 oak boards, but you can also use pine. Most building-supply stores sell sections of wood that have already been laminated. Of course, you can laminate the boards yourself, but I don't recommend it unless you are a very experienced woodworker and possess heavy-duty tools. Due to the number of boards and overall size, it is a bigger job than it looks. If you do laminate the boards yourself, the finished size of each of the two sections should be 23 by 46 inches.

For the legs, we can again circumvent the need for experienced woodworking skills. If you do not have a lathe (or don't want to turn your own legs), simply purchase

After looking through several decorating magazines and furniture store flyers, I decided that I simply could not live without a new, square coffee table in my living room. Unfortunately, the prices were too far out of reach and, obvioosly, the only solution was to build one myself. The finished table looks impressive, Hut never fear! The construction is simple, and it takes advantage of pre-made wood products that you can find at any large store.

four newel posts and cut them to length. Turned upside down, they make extremely attractive table legsā€”and who will guess?

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