Notes on the Materials

Pressure-treated lumber, exterior-grade plywood, and galvanized screws have been specified for this project since it was built to use outdoors. You could substitute redwood or any other wood suitable for exterior use. If you intend to keep the table inside, an interior wood such as pine would be fine. Make certain that you use the appropriate adhesive and fasteners (either exterior or interior).

When choosing the tile for this table, consider that you must cover an area measuring 22-1/2 by 34-1/2

inches. If the tile you choose will not fit into these dimensions evenly, you can either alter the dimensions of the table or cut some of the tiles.

To install the tiles, you need a trowel for spreading the mastic and a rubber-surfaced trowel for applying the grout. If you opt to trim the tile to fit the table dimensions, you also need a tile cutter.

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