Making the Seat Cushion

  1. The 16-1/2-inch-square piece of plywood is used for the seat bottom (H). Position the 17-inch-square piece of foam rubber (or equivalent polyester batting) in the center of the seat bottom (H), and glue it in place.
  2. Center the upholstery fabric over the foam rubber, wrap the fabric over the edge of the seat bottom (H), and staple (or tack) it to the underside. You can minimize the number of wrinkles if you first staple the center of one side, then the center of the opposite side, and, finally, work your way out to the corners. Smooth the fabric as you go. Staple the centers of the remaining sides, and again work your way to the corners. Be generous with the staples; use enough to keep the fabric from puckering along the sides.
  3. To attach the upholstered seat cushion to the frame, place the seat cushion upside down on a flat surface with the frame upside down on top of it. Screw through the center of each of the corner supports (F) into the seat bottom (H) using

1 -1 /4-inch-long screws spaced about 6 inches apart.

  1. Glue the cording between the seat cushion and the frame, beginning in the center of one side and working around the entire seat.
  2. Now pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Figure 4

figure 5

Figure 4


This upholstered hench can he used in a variety of places in your house. At the foot of your bed, it holds quilts and provides comfortable seating. You can also place it against the wall to create a cozy retreat in any room. The finished size is 48 inches long, 13 inches wide, and approximately 18 inches high.

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