Making the Bottom and the Shelves

The cabinet bottom (D) and two shelves (E) are identical. Each measures 8-7/8 by 18-1/4 inches.

  1. Rip a total of five feet of 1 x 10 pine to a width of 8-7/8 inches.
  2. Cut one cabinet bottom (D) and two shelves (E) from the ripped 1 x 10 pine, each 18-1/4 inches long.
  3. The two shelves (E) are supported by shelf supports (F) that are screwed to the inside of the cabinet sides. The spacing of the shelves inside the cabinet is at your discretion. I placed the first shelf 13 inches from the top, and the second one 13 inches below that. Figure 1 shows the placement of the shelf supports.
  4. Cut four shelf supports (F) from 1x2 pine, each 8-7/8 inches long.
  5. According to the spacing that you desire, mark the placement of the shelf supports (F) on the inside face of each of the sides (A). Referring to

Figure 1, note that the shelf supports (F) are installed 3/4 inch from the rear edge of the sides (A) in order to accommodate the back (B). There is a 7/8-inch space at the front ends of the shelf supports (F) to allow for the door.

6. Glue and screw the two shelf supports (F) to the inside face of each side (A) using two 1-1/4-inch-long screws on each shelf support. The two sides with the shelf supports attached should be mirror images of each other.

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