Installing the Doors and Drawer Fronts

  1. The easiest method is to attach the drawer fronts first. For the job to look very professional, all of the drawers and doors must be exactly straight and level. Set the assembled drawers inside the drawer opening in the cabinet, placing them on the metal drawer glides. Place a scrap piece of wood between the back of each drawer and the back of the cabinet so that the drawers are held flush with the front of the cabinet. Use heavy-duty, dou-ble-sided tape to hold a drawer front temporarily in place on each drawer until you have both drawer fronts positioned exacdy right. Then attach the fronts to the drawers. Use two finishing nails driven from the inside of the drawer into the drawer top frame (S), and two finishing nails driven into the drawer bottom frame (S).
  2. Measure carefully, and install the hinges on each of the doors. The hinges should be positioned the same distance from the top and bottom of each door.
  3. Have someone help you support the doors, and hold the doors with the attached hinges over the door opening. Line up each door so that its width is exactly even with the width of the drawer above it, and make sure both doors are at an even height with each other. Then screw the remaining sides of the hinges to the cabinet.
  4. Attach the drawer pulls on each of the drawers and on the cabinet doors. The pulls should be evenly spaced and aligned with one another.
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