Finishing the Table

  1. Carefully fill any imperfections and nail holes with wood filler. Then sand the entire table.
  2. Stain the table the color of your choice, and let the project dry overnight.
  3. Attach the thin brass to the 1x2 brass support pieces (L and M) with glue suitable for both metal and wood; several brands are readily available. Since I planned to place the back of the table against a wall, I clamped the brass trim (positioned the joint) at the center back of the table and worked my way around. If you want to display the table where all four sides will be visible, you may want to begin at a corner and work your way around. To hide the joint where you begin and end the brass, purchase brass corner pieces to cover all four corners.

This plant stand is so practical and easy to

want several. The finished size is 51 inches tall, but you could hoild several with varying heights to make a corner grouping. I used this one to display a prized wandering jew, but it would also be beautiful with a Boston fern or an asparagus fern.

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