1. Fill any screw holes with wood filler.
  2. Thoroughly sand all of the wood parts on the completed table.
  3. Stain or paint the wood portions of the table the color of your choice.

I used a maple-colored exterior stain.

For years we had a patio table that could only be described as pathetic. Every year we dragged it out, sprayed it with six cans of black paint, and put it back on the deck. Then we spent the rest of the summer griping about how spindly it was, arid that we should have replaced it. This year we finally did. Our new table is sturdy enough to withstand children, large dogs, and Texas winds, and it is handsome enough to invite compliments.

The finished tahle is 37 inches square and 21-1/2 inches high. If you plan to leave your table where it will he unprotected from the elements, be sure to use waterproof glue for all assemblies.

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