Constructing the Table

  1. If you purchased wood already laminated, trim all four sides of each of the two laminated sections to a finished size of 23 by 46 inches. This step ensures that the edges are square and provide a good bonding surface.
  2. Place the two trimmed laminated sections, 46-inch sides together, on a level surface. Wipe glue on the meeting edges, and clamp them together securely with two or three bar clamps for at least 24 hours. The result is a table top (A) that now measures 46 inches square.
  3. Cut four table top trim pieces (B) from 1x4 pine, each 50 inches long.
  4. Rip each trim piece (B) to 2 inches in width. For assistance with ripping a piece of wood, refer to the "Tips and Techniques" section.
  5. The next step is to frame the table top (A) with the 2-inch-wide trim pieces (B), as shown in Figure 1. First, setting each piece on its face, miter both ends of all four trim pieces (B) at a 45-degree angle. Then wipe glue on the mitered ends and meeting edges, and clamp the trim pieces (B) to the table top (A) using bar clamps. Leave the assembly undisturbed for at least 24 hours. The framed top now measures 50 inches square.
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