Constructing the Sides

  1. From 2x4 treated lumber, cut one 21-inch-long chair arm (A), two chair legs (B), each 28 inches long, and one 14-inch-long side support (C).
  2. Setting the chair arm (A) on its face, miter both ends at a 45-degree angle as shown in Figure 1.
  3. Setting each chair leg (B) on its face, miter just one end at a 45-degree angle (also shown in Figure 1).
  4. To assemble one chair side, place the side support (C) between the chair legs (B), and the chair arm (A) between the two mitered ends of the two chair legs (B). (This is illustrated in Figure 1). Glue and screw them in place using one 4-1/2-inch-long screw for each end of the arm, screwing through the edge of the chair arm (A) into the mitered end of the adjacent chair leg (B). Then, with another 4-1/2-inch-long screw for each leg, screw through the edge of the chair leg (B) into the mitered end of the chair arm (A).
  5. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 to assemble a second chair side.
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