Constructing the Legs

1. Cut eight leg pieces (C) from 1x4 pine, each 22-1/2 inches long. Then set your saw blade to cut 45 degrees off vertical, and bevel one 22-1/2-inch-long edge of each of the legs

2. Cut four short leg reinforcements

3. After wiping both beveled edges with glue, place two leg pieces (C) together, joining the bevels. Then attach one short leg reinforcement (D) to the inside of the beveled joint. Position the leg reinforcement

(D) flush with the ends of the legs (C), as shown in Figure 2. Use glue and 2-inch-long screws for this assembly. Drive three screws into each of the two leg pieces (C).

4. Repeat Step 3 three more times to construct the remaining legs.

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