Constructing the Cupboard

  1. Cut two 79-inch lengths of 1 x 10 pine and label them right back (A) and left back (B).
  2. Rip right back (A) to a width of 8-112 inches, cutting off 3/4 inch along its full length. (Refer to Figure 1.) This will allow both backs (A and B) to be the same width when they are overlapped and fitted together at the center in a later step.
  3. Mark the corners of right back (A) and left back (B) as shown in Figure 1

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(you'll need the mark for future reference). Then, set your saw blade to cut 45 degrees off vertical, and, as shown in Figure 1, rip both the right and left backs lengthwise. Be sure to measure carefully and make your bevel cut exactly 1-1/16 inches from the edge of each back piece (A and B). Save the resulting marked and ripped pieces because they will be re-attached to the same edge to form the trim (C). (That may sound confusing, but it is easy to do. It is explained in a later step.)

4. Attach right back (A) to right back (B), as shown in Figure 2, using both glue and screws along the entire joint. Use 1-1/4-inch-long screws evenly spaced about 6 inches apart.

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Figure 2

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