Constructing the Armoire Frame

  1. Cut two sides (A) from 3/4-inch-thick plywood, each measuring 2 by 6 feet.
  2. Cut four inner vertical supports

(B) from 2x2 pine, each 6 feet long.

  1. Attach two supports (B) to one side (A), both flush with the 6-foot edges, as shown in Figure 1. Use glue along the entire length, and 2-1/4-inch-long screws approximately every six inches.
  2. Repeat step 3 using the remaining side (A) and the two remaining supports (B).
  3. Cut one 4-foot by 6-foot back piece (C) from 3/4-inch-thick plywood. Place it on a flat surface and attach the two sides (A) at right angles to the back. Glue and screw the two vertical supports (B) to the back (C) as shown in Figure 2. Again, use 2-1/4-inch-long screws about every 6 inches.
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