Attaching the Seat

  1. Cut one 13-1/4-inch-long seat support (E) from 1 x 4 pine.
  2. Measure 16 inches from the bottom of one side (A), and attach the seat support (E) as shown in Figure 6. It should fit flush at the back edge and 3/4 inch from the front edge of the side (A). Use glue and four or five 1-1/4-inch screws, screwing through the seat support (E) into the side (A).
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to cut and attach a second seat support (E) to the remaining side (A). The seat supports (E) are both on the inside of the bench, so make certain that the two sides (A) with seat supports (E) attached are mirror images of each other.

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  1. Cut one 43-1/2-inch-long center support (F) from 1x4 pine.
  2. This next step will require some assistance from a couple of helpers. (If assistants are not available, use bar clamps to help with this assembly.) Place the two side assemblies so that the attached seat supports
  • E) are facing each other. As shown in Figure 7, place the center support
  • F) between the two seat supports (E), 4 inches from what will be the back of the completed bench. Use glue and two 2-1/4-inch-long screws on each end of the center support (F). Screw through the side assembly, through the seat support (E), and into the center support (E). Don't worry if the result is rather wobbly at this point. It will be reinforced in the next step.

6. Cut one 45-inch-long front support (G) from 1x4 pine. Position it

across the front of the bench and attach it to the exposed ends of the seat supports (E). Use glue and two 1-1/4-inch-long screws at each end of the front support (G).

7. Place the seat (D) on top of the seat supports (E), center support (F), and front support (G). Note that the longer 46-1/2-inch edge fits across the front, and that it overlaps the sides (A), as shown in Figure 8. Glue and screw the seat in place using 1-1/4-inch-long screws. Screw through the seat (D) into the supports (E, F, and G), placing one screw about every 4 or 5 inches. Countersink all of the screws.

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