Attaching the Drawer Fronts

  1. For the job to look very professional, each drawer front must be exactly straight and level. Put the assembled drawers inside their respective drawer openings in the cabinet, setting them on the metal drawer glides.
  2. Place a scrap piece of wood between the back of the drawer and the back of the drawer housing so that the drawer is held flush with the front of the rails and stiles. Begin with the top-most drawer fronts. Use heavy-duty, double-sided tape to hold the drawer front temporarily in place on the drawer until you have all of the drawer fronts positioned exactly right. Then remove the drawers one at a time, and attach the front to the drawer with two 1 -1 /4-inch -long screws driven from the inside of each drawer into the drawer-front frame pieces.

3. Install drawer pulls on each of the drawer fronts.

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