1. Assemble the four side pieces (A), overlapping each piece in rotation as shown in Figure 1. With the four sides (A) in position, the stand measures 6-1/4 inches wide on all sides. Glue and nail all four sides (A) along their entire length. Use the smaller, 3-penny finishing nails, spacing them about 6 inches apart. Countersink the nails.
  2. Center one small base (B) over one large base (C) as shown in Figure 2. Glue and nail the two pieces together using about four 3-penny finishing nails. Countersink the nails.
  3. Repeat Step 2 using the remaining small base (B) and large base (C).
  4. Center one base assembly on top of the stand. The large base should be facing up. (See Figure 3.) Use glue and the longer, 6-penny finishing nails to attach the base to the stand. Countersink the nails.
  5. Turn the stand over and * repeat Step 4 to attach the remaining base assembly to the stand.
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