Assembling the Column

This assembly is simple to do, but there are lots of parts to handle at one time. You may wish to enlist the assistance of a willing helper.

  1. The first step is to attach one end of all six column sides (C) to the top (A). Stand the column sides on end so that they form a circle. As shown in Figure 4, the narrower face of each column side (C) is oriented toward the inside of the circle.
  2. Place the top (A) onto the upper ends of the column sides (C). Make certain that the edges of the top (A) are flush with the outer faces of the column sides (C). Using glue and 2-1/2-inch-long screws, attach the top to the column sides. Drive two screws through the top (A) into the end of each column side (C). Countersink the screws.
  3. Turn the column upside down, and fit the inner support (B) inside the circle formed by the column sides (C). Position the inner support (B) about 4 inches from the ends of the column sides.
  4. Glue and nail the inner support (B) in place. Use 8-penny finishing nails and drive two nails through each of the column sides (C) into the edges of the inner support (B). Countersink the nails.
  5. Use 6-penny nails to reinforce each of the joints between the column sides. Nail through the beveled edge of one column side (C) into the beveled edge of the adjoining column side (C), spacing the nails about 6 inches apart down the length of the joint. Countersink the nails.
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