Adding the Trim

  1. Cut five trim pieces (D) from 1x4 treated lumber, each 17 inches long. They are attached to the outer edges of the bench side panels.
  2. Place the five trim pieces (D) side by side on top of the side panels (Figure 2). The outermost trim pieces (D) should be flush with the outer edges of the legs (A), and the remaining three trim pieces (D) should be evenly spaced in the middle.
  3. Secure the five trim pieces by screwing them to the armrest (A) and to the side supports using 1-1/2-inch-long screws. Space the screws uniformly, and use two screws for each end of all trim pieces. The finished bench looks much nicer if all of the screws are aligned across the trim pieces. To accomplish this, measure and mark 3/4 inch from both ends of each board, draw lines across each trim piece at the marks, and put all of your screws on those lines.
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