Adding the Table

1. Set the assembled table top upside down on a level surface. Then place the assembled base upside down on top of it. Align the edges of the top trim pieces (F) with the table top assembly. Glue and screw them together. Screw through the top trim pieces (F) into the table top, as close as possible to the side rails (D). Use

1 -1 /4-inch-long screws spaced about 6 inches apart. Countersink the screws so that the screw heads can be covered by the molding to be added in the next step.

2. Cut four side trim pieces (G) from the decorative molding, each 42 inches long. Glue and screw them to the outside of the side rails (D) using one 1-1/4-inch-long screw every 6 inches. To avoid making holes in the molding, screw through the side rails (D) into the side trim pieces (G).

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