Adding the Shelf Trim

1. Cut three middle shelf trim pieces (F) from the 1x2 pine, each

11-1/4 inches long. Attach them to the front of the three middle shelves with glue and 6-penny finishing nails, using about three nails per shelf. Make sure that the top of each shelf trim piece (F) is flush with the top of each shelf (E), as shown in Figure 5.

  1. Cut one 11-1/4-inch-long top shelf trim piece (G) from 1x4 pine. Attach it to the front of the top two shelves (E) with glue and finishing nails, putting three nails into each shelf (E).
  2. Rip a 1-foot length of 1 x 6 to a width of 5 inches. Using the resulting 5-inch width, cut one 11 -1 /4-inch-long bottom shelf trim piece (H).
  3. Attach the bottom shelf trim piece (H) between the two bottom shelves (E) using glue and finishing nails. Use three nails across the top and three across the bottom.
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