Adding the Legs

  1. Cut four legs (D) from 2x2 pine, each 34 inches long.
  2. Turn the laminated top (A) with its attached frame pieces (B and C) upside down on a level surface. Glue and screw one leg (D) in each of the four inside corners of the top, as shown in Figure 2. Screw through

the face of each frame piece (B and C) into the leg (D) using two 2-inch-long screws at each end. The legs are a little wobbly at this point, but they will be reinforced in the next step.

  1. Cut four leg reinforcements (E) from 2x2 pine, each 17 inches long.
  2. Fit each leg reinforcement (E) between one pair of legs, making Sure that each is flush against the top (A) and the frame pieces (B and C). Glue and screw them in place. Use 2-inch-long screws, and space them about 4 inches apart. Screw through the leg reinforcements (E) and into both the top (A) and the frame pieces (B and C).

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