Adding the Bottom

  1. Cut one 46-1/2-inch by 15-1/2-inch bottom (D) from 3/4-inch-thick plywood.
  2. Turn the assembly upside down so that the 2-1/4-inch offsets are at the top. Then fit the bottom (D) inside the front, back, and sides (A and C), resting it on the ends of the four corner supports (B). Glue and screw the bottom in place at all four corners using one 2-inch-long screw in each corner. This will hold the bottom in place until you add the reinforcements.
  3. Cut two long reinforcements

4. Cut two short reinforcements

5. Glue and screw one long reinforcement (E) in place, flush against the bottom (D) and front or back (C), as shown in Figure 3. Screw through the front or back

(C) into the long reinforcement (E). Use 2-inch-long screws and space them about 4 inches apart.

  1. Repeat step 5 to attach the remaining long reinforcement (E).
  2. Turn the assembly right side up. Now screw through the bottom

(D) into each of the long reinforcements (E), placing one 2-inch-long screw about every 5 inches.

8. Following the same procedures as you used in steps 5 through 7, glue and screw the two short reinforcements (F) between the long reinforcements (E). Again refer to Figure 3.

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