Tongue And Groove Joint

If the size of boards required corresponds to the standard sizes available in your DIY store, planks that have the tongue and groove cut in them from stock are a useful and a quick way of making up wide boards. Standard sizes of ^ x 5in (18 x 127mm) and \ x 6in (18 x 152mm) are widely available and usually sold for floorboarding. Some are also available at 3/sin (9mm) thick and are sold as cladding. The tongue is shorter than the depth of the groove so that the joint will not have a gap when the two parts are pushed together, as would be the case if the tongue were longer. Simply glue up and clamp lightly.

Cutting the tongue and groove with a router will make a good strong joint, but careful setting up is required - and there are better ways of jointing two planks (see above).

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