Through Housing Joint

Through housing joints are used mainly for fixing shelves and partitions into cabinets. When used for shelves, as in the projects in this book, they require a housing to be cut into the uprights. This can be done with hand or power tools.

Unless glued securely, the simpler versions of the through housing joint do not have much mechanical strength. If the joint is used for a long shelf, which carries a lot of weight but is not supported in the middle, the shelf can be pulled from its housing when it bends. In a bookcase or cupboard that requires strong shelving, fixing the shelves to the back with pins or glue will make all the difference.

2 Clean out the waste wood with a bevel-edged chisel. If it is a long housing, you will have to work from both sides of the board. Check the depth frequently with a steel rule.

FIG 4.6

Making a through housing joint.

1 Cut the boards to size and plane the ends flat and square. With a try square, pencil and marking gauge, draw the position of the shelf housing. Use a marking knife to scribe the lines across the grain to prevent any splintering when the sides of the housing are sawn with a tenon saw.

Use Housing JointTenon Saw Pencil Drawing Use

1 Present the shelf to the side of the cabinet and mark its position. Draw a pair of parallel lines with a try square to indicate where the housing is to be cut, and mark the distance of the rebate from the front edge. Scribe along the lines with a marking knife, and then use a bevel-edged chisel to excavate a rectangular hole that will provide enough space for the tip of the saw to move in.

FIG 4.7

Making a stopped housing joint.

2 Saw the sides of the housing with a tenon saw, then excavate the rest of the housing with a bevel-edged chisel.

3 In the front corner of the shelf, cut a notch with a tenon saw to the same dimension as the depth of the housing.

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