Strengthening The Headboard

When a headboard is being used, it is frequently leant against when the occupant is reading in bed or drinking a beverage. It is important that the headboard is strong enough to be used in this way.

1 To strengthen the headboard, fix two battens to the back with screws and glue. The lower end of these battens also strengthens the sides of the slots in which the bolts, fitted to the bed, are held (see Fig 10.2).

2 The position of the slots depends on the arrangement of these bolts on the bed. Carefully measure their location before fixing the battens into place, and mark the position for the slots with a try square and pencil.

3 To fit the headboard to the bed, the bolts are loosened and the headboard is pushed downwards on to them. When the bolts are tightened the headboard is pulled into close contact with the back of the bed. Because there is a step between the lower rail and the plywood back, tightening the bolts may distort the back board. To avoid this, cut two small spacing pieces and glue them to the plywood back (see Fig 10.2).

4 To cut the slot, drill a 3/sin (9mm) hole at the ends where the slots terminate. Using a panel saw, cut the sides of the slots and remove the waste wood (see Fig 10.9).

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