Sharpening Systems

It is not possible to achieve good woodworking without tools that are razor sharp. In this ideal state they require less effort to use, cut with greater accuracy and are inherently safer.

For plane irons and chisels, 'razor sharp' can be translated literally. After sharpening, test by shaving a small patch of hair from your forearm. To achieve edges that can pass this test, they must be ground to the correct angle and then honed. Although, with experience, it is possible to get the angle correct by hand and eye alone, if you do not have the time or inclination for the practice required, then a sharpening system of some kind is mandatory.

FIG 1.11

SCREWDRIVERS The Record dowelling jig.

FIG 1.12

Screwdrivers with boxwood handles.

FIG 1.13

The Tormek sharpening system.

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