1 Cut six pieces of pine each measuring 17 x 3 x lin (431 x 77 x 25mm), Ensure that the edges are square to the faces, because the pieces are jointed with dowelled edge-to-edge joints and if the edges are not square there will be gaps between the planks.

2 Make the dowelled joints (see page 21) and then glue and clamp with sash cramps until set. Plane the top and bottom surfaces flat and finish the top surface with a random orbital sander.

3 Because I wanted the seat to fit exactly into the frame without any unsightly gaps around the edges, I made a template for the seat shape from stiff card. It is easy to get the card to fit exactiy, because it is easily cut and extra pieces can be attached if too much is removed, which is far more difficult with wood. It is

Reassemble and cut away unwanted wood to form the lugs.

FIG 15.8

Making the back rest.

Front view

not important if the resulting template is a collage of small pieces, as long as it fits correctly. Draw around the template to mark the shape for the seat on to the wood. Cut out the seat and fit it to the seat supports with glue and screws. Use glasspaper held on a block to smooth the end grain on the edges.

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