Power Drill

A power drill can be found in most households and is probably the first power tool that most of us own. They are characterized by the capacity of the fitted chucks, which are available from ^6in (2mm) for mini drills, to lin (25mm) for large industrial tools. For the home woodworker, a 3/8in (10mm) capacity will be big enough for most jobs. In general, the chuck size dictates the maximum twist drill-bit diameter that can be used. The exception to this is that some bits can be obtained with reduced shanks.

A modern drill will have many worthwhile features such as variable speeds, hammer action and screwdriving abilities, to mention just a few. They are usually far more accurate than hand-held drills, particularly if used with a vertical drill stand, and many useful accessories are available for sanding, buffing, grinding and shaping, including drum sanders, cutting bits, and wire brushes - the list is almost endless.

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