Papertowel Roll Pole

A roll pole is fixed to the side of the trolley so that paper towels are immediately to hand when required. The dimensions are correct for a standard-sized paper towel, but the roll pole can also be used for a tea towel if required. I made my roll pole from various pieces of dowelling and round-sectioned softwood; for example, the pole itself is a piece of pine originally intended as a broom handle. If a lathe is available, the pieces could be custom-made from the dimensions shown.

1 The 2 bin (64mm) diameter pine for the post is the most difficult to obtain. I cut a length from a pole, from the centre of a roll of floor covering. When you have found or manufactured a suitable post, drill a 7/sin (21mm) hole in the side to take the pole, and a bin (12mm) hole in the base to house the dowel. Glue the hardwood dowel into the post to fix it to the side of the trolley.

2 The knob on the end of the pole is small enough to pass through the cardboard tubing in the centre of a paper roll but slightly larger in diameter than the pole, so that the paper towel roll will not slide off the pole easily once it is on it. To make the knob, find a wooden ball of the correct size, saw it in half, and drill a hole in the flat side of one of the hemispheres for the pole to fit into. Glue the pole into the post, and the knob on to the pole.

3 Using a bin (12mm) bit, drill a hole in the appropriate part of the side of the trolley and glue the post into place. Make sure that the pole is exactly horizontal.

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