Lapped Dovetail

Lapped dovetails are sometimes used for general cabinet work, but most commonly to join the front of a drawer to the sides. They are slighdy more difficult to make than through dovetails and are employed where the joint on one face of the corner is to be concealed. It takes careful working methods to make an accurate joint.

1 The tails are marked and cut in the same way as for through dovetails. The length of the tails should be between three-quarters and two-thirds of the thickness of the adjacent corner, which will contain the lapped part of the joint.

3 To form the sides of the pins, hold the 4 Remove the waste with a bevel-edged tenon saw at an angle and cut in as far as chisel and slot the two halves together to FIG 4.4

possible without sawing into the lap. test for fit. Making a lapped dovetail.

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