Hand Saws

With the exception of the coping saw, all the hand saws I use are hard-point saws. This means that the teeth are hardened so that they stay sharp for a long time,

FIG 1.2

A drum sander and flap wheel attachments used for FIG 1.3

smoothing curves. Tenon, panel and coping saws.

but when they do require sharpening this cannot easily be done by the home craftsman. Because of this, saws of this type will need to be replaced every couple of years, depending on how often they are used, but as they are reasonably priced this should not be too great a problem. Hard-point saws invariably have plastic handles, which are not as comfortable to use as the wooden handles on traditional saws.

Hand saws are normally categorized by the number of teeth to the inch. The smaller the teeth, the finer the saw cut.

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