1 Cut out the drawer front with the grain direction running from top to bottom, so that it matches the grain direction for the sides and cupboard doors. The drawer front should fit into the hole in the front of the cabinet with a !/32in (1mm) clearance all round. On the face of the front, cut the same decorative groove and chamfer as on the cupboard doors.

14in (356mm)

FIG 11.12

Drawer plans and section with dimensions.

Section WW

49/i6in (116mm)

V4in (6mm)

2 Mark and cut out the drawer back and sides. Make through dovetails on the two back corners of the drawer and lapped dovetails on the two front corners (see page 19). Test the joints for fit.

3 Cut out the base as square as possible. Hold the base in place in the drawer temporarily, to enable the sides to be glued up as squarely as possible.

4 Cut out the support strips and glue and pin them around the bottom edge of all four sides of the inside of the drawer to support the base. Glue the base into place.

5 Clean up all the joints with a jack plane (see Fig 11.14). Screw a knob to the centre of the drawer front.

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