Wherever possible I use prepared stock from a DIY outlet, but some of the thicknesses called for by this design are not available ready planed to the correct size. You will therefore need to buy sawn timber, cut it to the required size and plane it square. Planing down stock from larger sizes has the beneficial effect of eliminating any warping which may be present.

Sawn timber is more likely to contain cracks and defects, so select the pieces carefully. The structural parts of the table should be almost free of faults and knots. This is achieved by positioning the parts to be cut out on larger pieces of wood, carefully selecting areas where there are no defects.

x (1 x 15mm) recess for hinge

91/2in (241mm)

22Vzin (572mm)

27in (686mm)

2Vzin (63mm)

5in (127mm)



  • 5Vzin (140mm) —
  • 21/4in— (57mm)

1/2in (12mm)

  • 2in ' (50mm)
  • tin (6mm)
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