Bed headboard

DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY: easy/medium TIME TO MAKE: 30 hours

This bed headboard made in pine will complement the bedroom furniture featured in the other chapters. It is intended for fitting to a bed that is pushed up against a wall, so that the headboard will be supported if leant against.

Most beds have bolts built into them at the time of manufacture, which are for fitting a headboard. This one is designed to fix to a bed with four screws low down on the back of the bed. Because these bolts are not standard and their position might vary on a different bed, I have not given the dimensions of the slots they fit into. However, for a different arrangement it would be easy to cut a slot in another position on the headboard. Some beds do not have a facility for fitting a headboard, in which case it could be fixed with wood screws through the plywood and into the pieces of wood from which the bed is made.



Upright posts (2)


443/4 x 3 x 1 in (1,136 x 76 x 25mm)

Top rail (1)

Pre-jointed pine board

56 x 6 x 3/4in (1,422 x 152 x 18mm)

Lower rail (1)

Pre-jointed pine board

56x6 x3/4in (1,422 x 152 x 18mm)

Post caps (2)


4 x 1 b x 3/4in (102 x 32 x 18mm)

Headrest back board (1)


54 x 10 x V2in (1,372 x 254 x 12mm)

Spacers (2)


3 x 3 x V4in (76 x 76 x 6mm)

Back board (1)


56b x 33 x bin (1,435 x 838 x 12mm)

Batten supports (2)


24 x 4 x bin (610 x102 x12mm)

Padded headrest covering (1)


60 x15in (1,524 x381 mm)

Thick padding (1)

Plastic foam

54 x 10 x2in (1,372 x 254 x 51mm)

Thin padding (1)

Plastic foam

16 x 15 x bin (1,524x381 x 12mm)


Upholstery buttons (5)

bin (13mm)


Dowelling (for joints)

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How To Sell Furniture

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