To make the backrest, two pieces of 3 x 2'/2in (77 x 64mm) sawn pine are dowelled together so that a rebate is formed which fits over the rear rail. The lower part of the backrest has two lugs that protrude under the arm rests and butt up against the rear of the side frames. This is so that the weight of a person leaning against the backrest is spread on to the frames and not all taken on the back rail. Because of these lugs, the lower of the two pieces is longer than the top one.

1 Join the two pieces together with dowels (see page 21) and assemble them without glue. Using a sliding bevel, mark lines on the ends at 10° to-.vertical. Take the two pieces apart and cut along their length following the 10° line. Assemble the two pieces once again, present the back to the frame, mark the exact position of the two lugs and cut away any unwanted wood from the lower piece.

2 When the backrest fits snugly in position, take it apart and glue the parts permanently together. Plane all the surfaces flat and pay particular attention to getting the end grain smooth. Glue the backrest into place.

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