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Large drawer

Section WW (see Fig 12.12)

FIG 12.13

Sections through drawer fronts with dimensions.

FIG 12.14

Plan view of drawer with dimensions.

1 Fit all the drawers into the carcass and stick the false fronts on to them with some form of temporary adhesive, such as double-sided sticky tape, so that they can be moved until an exact fit is obtained. When their position is satisfactory, from the inside of the drawers mark the screw positions on the backs of the drawer fronts with a bradawl. Take the pine,, fronts from the drawers and apply some woodworking glue, then screw them to the plywood drawer fronts in the marked positions. Fix two knobs to each drawer front.

application of wax will help if the drawers stick. Remove the drawers from the carcass.

FIG 12.14

Plan view of drawer with dimensions.

2 Apply three coats of clear matt polyurethane varnish to the completed chest of drawers.

3 Cut the drawer fronts to size and length and work the decorative groove using a router with a 'V'-groove cutter. Chamfer the face of the front between the decorative groove and the edge with a plane, and clean up the corners of the 'V' grooves with a sharp chisel. In the front pieces of the plywood drawers, make holes for the screws that will join them to the false fronts.

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