Assembly And Finishing

1 Fix the top to the carcass with four long screws. As the screws are fixed into the end grain of the top, which is not as secure as fixing them across the grain, the extra length will compensate for any weakness. (The top was not fixed in place earlier because it is easier to get the extending shelf and the drawer to fit correctly if the top of the carcass is open.)

2 Fix the four castors (two of which lock into position) to the base of the legs with screws.

3 Apply three coats of cleat matt polyurethane varnish to the entire carcass. Because the top will be used for vegetable preparation, varnish or polish do not make a suitable finish. Instead, treat the top with a couple of applications of vegetable oil. When it has been used for vegetable preparation, wipe down with a wet cloth and occasionally retreat with oil.


Post dowel

9V4in (235mm)



FIG 9.14

Side view of role pole with dimensions.

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