Assembling The Carcass

1 Start assembling and gluing the carcass with the part that houses the drawers, then add the sides, followed by the upright in the middle of the cupboard and the top. Finally, slide the shelf into place. Clamp the whole

FIG 8.5

The carcass before the back is fitted.

structure lightly with sash cramps, but before the glue has time to dry, check the diagonals for squareness and adjust if necessary. Remove any excess glue with a damp rag.

2 Cut the strips of pine for the drawer guides and chamfer the leading edge. These will fit into the drawer housings of the carcass and act as side rubbing strips to centre the drawers in the openings. Glue and pin the strips into the sides of the drawer housings. The front edge of each strip acts as a depth stop by butting up to the back of the beading around the drawer.

3 Cut the plywood back to size, but do not fit it at this stage: when the doors are made and fitted it helps if the inside of the carcass can be accessed through the back.

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