During the early years of the 19th century, an unsuccessful attempt was made to copy the Empire style, but after the brilliant work of the 18th century, English furniture design ing sank to a low ebb. All sorts of cheap, llimsy ornaments were used and it. was not until the middle of thej^|ury that styles began to improve.

In 1868, Mr. Charles Eastlake, an architect, published "Hints on Household Taste," which was responsible for what is known as the Eastlake style

William Morris was a designer and decorator of excep tional ability and by his lectures and work (18R0-1896) did * much to improve public taste. His work was along simple lines similar to the Arts and Crafts style in England today and the Mission in the United States.

Victorian Era Style
Table and Chairs from Fastlake'* Book, "Hints on Household """aste," lSSS.

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How To Sell Furniture

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