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It spread all over Europe and was supreme for several centuries. Its distinguishing features were geometrical forms and the high pointed arch. It was distinctly an ecclesiastical style and was far more suited to architecture than furniture During this period classic art was at a very low ebb, but a new movement. l)egan to be felt in every branch of industry and to this great revival the name of Renaissance had been given. It started in Italy the latter part of the fifteenth century and spread all over Europe continuing about one hundred yeirs. At this time great progress had been made in architecture and furniture designing. Under the reign of different monarchs various types were gradually developed tmtil they were recognized as period styles. These styles were usually given the name of the sovereign under whose reign they were developed, although in some cases they were named after the designer, as in the case of Chipper.dale, Sheraton and others.

In the early days, furniture followed closely the architecture of the period. Chests, cabinets, etc., were often given facades that were simply buildings in miniature, seats were stiff and cumbersome, chair posts often resembled small church spires, but with the1 advent of period styles, furniture designing became a separate profession, and we find a great variety of furmture constructed for both comfort and utility and entirely free from the architectural plan of the building although there was always a connecting link in detail or ornament which kept the two in harmony. It must be remembered there was no distinct line drawn lietwcen the different styles but rather a gradual change or development from one to the other. Much of the furniture made during these transitory periods is extremely difficult to classify, it oft-times being impossible for even experts to determine positively to which period a particular piece should belong.

So the object of this book is to show fully developed examples only of each style as they are recognized today.

As the greatest number of styles were developed in France and England, a chronological table has been arranged

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