Thomas Sheraton has been called the master of cabinet making and inlay. He used very little carving and what he did was very dainty and strictly conventional. Like the Heppel-whvte, Adam and Louis XVI. styles. Sheraton followed straight classic lines. His best work was severe and simple and on some of his furniture he did not use a single moulding but depended entirely upon inlay for ornamentation. He was' the first designer to use satmwood to any great extent and was famous for his veneered work and mechanical contrivances.

The majority of his chair backs were rectangular in form with slightly curved and broken top rails. He used a variety of straight legs, square, turned, tapered and fluted, but never the cabriole leg. He favored all-over stuffed seats except where canc was used, and seldom used under-framing. His book, "The Cabinet-maker and Upholsterer's Drawing Book," was published in 1791, and shows a great variety of all kinds of furniture. The sidelx>ards and side- tables in his book always show the convex comers, while I leppelwhite's show the concave. He was also the first to design a kidney-shaped tabic. He was not a manufacturer, as was Chippendale and Heppelwhite, but sold his designs to whom he could. He was the last of the 18th century designers to leave a style berring his name, and is considered by many to have l>een the greatest of them all. Mahogany was the principal wood used.

Characteristics of the style are: Rectangular chair back, straight fluted legs, square or turned; satinwood inlay and classic detail.

Kidiuy-shapcd Writing Table, fron Sheraton's B -'k n£ Designs.
Si cri tarj, f.otn Sht raton's Book.

Sheraton Shil la bacjg ("hair. Note broken top rail, which fisticg*iHfacs it from ITeppelwhi*c's chairs.

Sheraton Chair, in South Kinsirgton Museum.

Bookcaso and Writing Desk, from Sheraton's Bonk.
Arm Chairs and Cbair Backs, from Sheraton's Boole.

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