Queen Anne

In the Queen Anne style we have a type that is a complete change from the early English Renaissance. Furniture under the reign of William and Mary formed a connecting link between the Jacobean and Queen Anne styles, but under Dutch influences, the old rectangular forms gave way to curved lines and more graceful proportions. Chairs which had previously-been stiff and uncomfortable, were now shaped to tit the anatomy of the human form. Upholstering came into general use and all kinds of "overstuffed" chairs and settees were graceful and comfortable. The slip seat came into style about this time.

The curv ed splat-backed chair is another type of the period. The cabriole leg was introduced and is a distinct feature of the style It was first made plain, but later carving was added, generally in the form of a shell-like ornament at the knee. The hoof, baft and claw-foot were also used. The cabriole leg was first introduced by the Dutch traders from China where it had been used for hundreds of years and probably originated from animal forms. The ball and claw-foot also came from China, where it represented the foot of the dragon holding the mystic jewel. The cabriole leg was adapted to various uses. It was low and sturdy under heavy cab"iets and tall and slender for tables and chairs.

Veneering was extensively used and Dutch rnarquetne was popular. Walnut w as the principal wood but some mahogany was used during the latter' days. Queen Anne style predominated from the reign of William and Mary until the end of the reign of George II.

Characteristic features of the style: The cabriole leg, under-framing, splat-back chairs with curved seat frames, arch top cabinets, etc.

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